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A review of Lonex

We, at, have picked 'Lonex' to be our current domain and hosting distributor. Hence we consider that this brief assessment of 'Lonex' is maybe going to be quite helpful for other individuals from all over the World who are looking for domain name and web hosting services. We say people from all over the Globe, because the simple truth is that 'Lonex' currently delivers domain and hosting services in multiple server farm sites: in the USA (Chicago, IL), in the UK (Maidenhead, 20 miles outside London), in Sweden (Stockholm) and in Australia (Sydney). That way, covering almost the entire World. At least as far as the World Wide Web is concerned. So, here is what you could expect from 'Lonex' in short:

Shared Webspace Hosting Packages

The first thing we, at, have noted is the affordable prices of the shared site hosting accounts delivered by 'Lonex'. Shared doesn't seem very good, does it? Well, that's what it is referred to as: shared hosting. The good news here is that the webspace hosting packages offered by 'Lonex' are powered by a custom invented, futuristic cloud web hosting solution (each web hosting service, such as electronic mail, databases, site hosting CP, web space, DNS, statistics, etc., is being run on a separate host of hosting servers in a cluster). This is a circumstance ANY cPanel web hosting vendor in the World will have colossal difficulties with, since cPanel is a one-server based site hosting platform (each web hosting service, like email, databases, site hosting CP, disk storage, DNS, stats, etc., is being served by one and the same hosting server), cPanel is not open source (that is why the cPanel-based web site hosting providers cannot include extra functionality and handle it the way they want it) and there is no open source file platform (they have to build their own file platform), which is the basis of any cloud web hosting service. Let's get back to the shared webspace hosting packages, which are powered by a genuine clustered webspace hosting system. With a shared website hosting package, each customer pays only for his/her package, thus preserving the webspace hosting price really low (because a lot of users share the same hosting server). In brief, a shared hosting plan, which is being served by a cloud site hosting solution, enables you to pay solely for the resources that you actually demand, precluding a situation where you pay for an advanced website hosting package that you cannot truly use, or for a small site hosting account that cannot host your website. The ability to upgrade your account from one plan to another with only two mouse clicks gives you the flexibility to kick off with a basic package and upgrade as your Internet presence expands. In this way, you spare capital that you can spend on publicizing the web page while it is still brand new. Each web space hosting account supplied by 'Lonex' contains an online site building tool and more than 40 popular script platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Zen Cart and Moodle that will economize you 100s of dollars for site design solutions. 'Lonex' provides shared web page hosting packages in several different geographical regions across the Globe. There is one datacenter in Chicago encompassing the USA and Canada; 2 European datacenters - in the United Kingdom and in Scandinavia; and another one in Australia, which covers the Asia-Pacific region. That way, nearly the entire Earth is encompassed to present you and your site's visitors with a stable and reliable web page hosting service at a preferred location. On the whole, the shared hosting accounts delivered 'Lonex' are very well furnished and come at an affordable price (beginning from $3.95 for the Personal plan).

Semi-dedicated Web Servers

To customers with little or no practice, a private virtual hosting server may seem difficult to handle. That's probably why 'Lonex' also hosts semi-dedicated hosting servers in its main North American server farm facility in Chicago. Handling these packages is similar to handling a regular shared site hosting plan via a hosting CP user interface. They have all the features of a shared site hosting package such as a fee-free website builder and a web app installer, but the amount of system resources typical of a semi-dedicated web hosting plan is many times larger than that of a shared web space hosting package. For example, the CPU power that can be used is about 5 times as much as compared with the shared web site hosting accounts. When matched against a shared plan, the number of database queries included within the semi-dedicated hosting packages is vast: 90 000 / hour. An unlimited hosted Top-Level Domain quota is a norm as well. The semi-dedicated web server plans do not include root-level access (we, at, consider this a slight minus), but the plus is that they are managed via the same hosting CP user interface as the shared web page hosting accounts. This hints that a user-friendly graphical interface is offered to all users who do not feel self-confident enough to manage a virtual hosting server, but at the same time need more power and supplies than a private virtual server can supply them with. This is so because of the fact that the semi-dedicated web hosting servers share the reserves of the same powerful leading edge web hosting servers as the ones which accommodate the VPS plans, however, the number of the semi-dedicated web servers is quite small (somewhere between twenty to 30 per physical machine), while the private virtual web hosting servers can reach a much bigger number (80 to a hundred and twenty per physical machine). Having that information in mind, the semi-dedicated servers delivered by 'Lonex' can be dubbed as being very inexpensive (as far as cost is concerned), starting from $30.00 for the Semi-dedicated Plus plan.

Dedicated Web Servers

In's opinion, big sites such as social networks, community and business web portals or popular web stores with thousands of customers need a much more powerful website hosting solution. It seems that the guys from 'Lonex' have reached the same conclusion too. To meet its customers' anticipations, 'Lonex' delivers a number of dedicated web servers that can tackle millions of daily hits. That evaluation rests on the hardware specifications the dedicated web hosting servers boast: many-core processors, up to 4 gigabytes of RAM, two thousand GB of disk storage and Gigabit NICs will definitely guarantee the fast and steady work of any kind of web site. According to 'Lonex', the primary hardware specifications can be upgraded for more system resource-requiring sites. We, from, deem that all dedicated server specifications furnished by 'Lonex' are also appropriate for beginning a hosting reseller business as every dedicated web hosting server provides free-of-cost billing software platform and a cost-free domain reseller account. Sadly, the dedicated hosting servers furnished by 'Lonex' are all unmanaged. We, at, count this as a little minus, which can be righted by paying a monthly tax of $30.00 USD. So, if you demand help, the Managed Services upgrade provides a bouquet of additional services such as a routine backup, software installation, dedicated web hosting server surveillance and troubleshooting procedures. A bunch of site hosting CP (CP) user interfaces are offered with each of the web servers - Hepsia, cPanel and DirectAdmin. Our ('s) forecast is that the outstanding drag-and-drop File Manager added in the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel will possibly make the recourse to any FTP software futile. Our ('s) conclusion is that the dedicated servers supplied by 'Lonex' don't seem to be very modestly priced (still the Hepsia Control Panel and the unlimited hosted domain quotas will definitely make you smile), commencing from $40.00 for the Optima 01 plan.